Friday, January 28, 2011

i was just thinking..

there are so many things on my mind right now. let me see if i can sort them all out.

i always have a must-have list. and there are always so many things on it.

does anybody else shop at payless? i do. i always did. but in the most recent years, they have really stepped up their shoe game. on my must have list are a pair of Z LONDON sandals.
Brands Z LondonLiverpool Sandal i love these. 29.99 at payless shoes.  It features a faux leather upper adorned with metallic bead accents, ankle strap with adjustable hook-and-eye closure, soft footbed, and flexible. it comes in gold and silver. these immediately caught my attention. i already have a gold pair of sandals smiliar to these but i definately want to have these too. and the price is  great. o how i love shoes. and actually summer is my favortie time of year to buy shoes. i love strappy sandals in all colors.
next....i love bright colors. i love them no matter the season. but especially spring and summer. so i was happy to see this trend on the runway for 2011.

bubblegum stripes! i think im just in love with the bold colors. so it isnt really necessary to copy the runway look but just adding one or two bold colors sometimes is enough. but if i wear a bold stripe on top, then im definately going to pair it with a solid bottom. i definately dont want to look like a clown.

my next must have is a little tresure i found on ebay. i came across a lot of vintage earrings that was resonably priced. so many nice and unique pieces. so ive decided to stalk ebay until i find the perfect lot for myself. the first one i found was so perfect but it was purchased before i was able to bid. i see alot of the vintage jewelry lots are all thrown together and then pics are taken. but i prefer for each piece to be laid out individually so i can see it clearly. this way i know what im getting and there are no surprises when i receive. there isnt anything right now that catches my eye right now. i saw this but it doesnt have enough variety for me. but i love how everything is laid out so you can see what you are getting in your lot. some of these earrrings are kind of nice though. the starting bid is 16.99 and shipping is 6.00. i dont think this is worth that much money. but, maybe someone else will.

ok, moving on..
i was trying to stretch my relaxer until march. but that didnt happen. i was craving the creamy crack and i gave in. i relaxed my hair at 9 weeks and two days. i had a considerable amount of growth and i was very pleased.
my bangs grew back as well. i dont think i will be cutting them again. the bangs were cute but such a pain. i never really like my hair on my forehead or in my eyes and thats what it was doing. i will continue using the evco, but will also add the jbco to my regimen soon. check out my youtube channel with more info on what im doing with my hair.
that is all for now..i shall return


  1. Hey Lovegirl, I have to say I have not been shopping at payless but I love those flip flops and im going to get them as well. Now for the earrings, are you saying on ebay you have to bid on the whole lot, meaning you will get all of these pieces? I like maybe 3 pair in this whole lot, so I would not bid on it. but this is a great idea, to find vintage stuff, I usually look for vintage hand bags on ebay. I love them. And I also love your blog, im adding it to favorites. Matybe I will start a blog. This one is full of variety!!! Now on to the creamy crack. First let me just say that you're doing a great job with your hair and you are absolutly beautiful, (incase you havent heard it in a while) You were styling your hear really nice while you were stretching your relaxer. and 9 weeks! I love it. I say keep it hydrated!! And it may be best to try to stretch it the longest during summer months. Black hair loves the summer, we may not love it for the humidity but our hair does. Anyway, thanks for the insight and entertainment. Peace!!!!

  2. thank you so much for leaving a comment. please feel free to stop by anytime.