Friday, December 31, 2010

resolve to do ...

ok so i dont really believe in new years resolutions, but there are some things that id like to get done in 2011.  my hair regimen has slacked off alot.. im bascally jus doing the bare minimum and i know i can be doing more. i didnt stretch my relaxer much last year either. so ill have to get back into a more strict regmen to make sure the new growth is manageable for stretching. ill be ordering a jar of the extra virgin coconut oil and the jamaican black castor oil as well. i will continue using the motions leave in because it works for me. ill post pics of my hair later. i plan to gain lots of length this year and have as little breakage as possible. i relaxed nov 23. so its only been 5 weeks. id like to stretch past 14 weeks. that puts me somewhere around march 1. thats long, but not impossible because ive dont it before. will jus require alot of work and determination. ready for 2011.....


feels so good

it definately feels good to be back. im ready to get back into blogging and sharing with you a little bit of me. i plan to kick things off jan 1, 2011. more entries, contest, and tutorials. more fashion, more shoppng, more styling tips. all things to look for in the new year. ive recently joined and i suggest you do the same. she is *ah-mazing*. when you subscribe, you get a free daily email on anything from fashon to shopping, to home decor. i am forever inspired by her.
xoxo lovegirl

Monday, November 8, 2010

what inspires you?

lazy day

i guess we are all entitled to have those. still havent conditioned my hair yet. i will definately handle that tomorrow on my day off. last night i didnt feel like doing anything to my hair so this morning it was a small disaster.i took a shower and let it get wet. then i applied my motions leave-in brushed in some gel with my boar bristle brush, which i love.
then i added evoo and then put it in a ponytail and a nice tight bun. my hair was kind of dry. a little neglect and it suffers. so i put it in a bun to protect the ends until i deep condition tomorrow. a bun is harder to do in the winter time. in the summer i can wash my hair in the shower and bun it while its wet. winter is here and there is definately no going outside with wet hair. so its hard putting the thickness in a bun.

the last time i relaxed my hair it came out a little bit around the nape as you can see in the second picture. i was freaking out at first, but then it didnt really bother me. i was thinking to order a bottle of jamaican black castor oil which will thicken it right back up quickly. the gel works like a mircale gel. im 6 weeks post relaxer and the edges look great.

(xoxo lovegirl)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

where is my energy

i walked the track today. 7 laps. great accomplishment. i used to not be able to get past 3 laps. its such a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. do you ever feel like there are people in your life who drain your energy or jus suck the life out of you because they are so needy or because they are so negative? when im finished with my workout, im always feeling refreshed with a clear mind ready to tackle life next challenges. i always need this when there is someone or a certain situation that is draining my energy. then im always left looking around like "where is my energy". not going to let it happen anymore. gonna be different and do different. dont drain me and i wont drain you. only seeking out the positive these days.
listen..dont let people drain you or steal your joy. clean house and get rid of any negative energy. thats what im doing.

(xoxo lovegirl)

Friday, November 5, 2010

new hair products

i didnt go overboard. i like to keep my hair products stash  full of only staple products.

and the tresemme moisture rich conditioner.
it time to deep condition. so ill use this lekair cholestol  deep conditioner and add evoo to it. ill let it sit for and hour or so. then ill co-wash with the tresemme condioner. i am new to this brand of gel. i was stuck on the elasta qp gel. it worked great. but once i found this kind, i was hooked. it makes the hair soft and shiny. never gets hard or flaky.  im 5 1/2 weeks post relaxer so ill definately be needing this for the edges. this weekend im wearing my hair in a braidout. not the typical braidout with 5 or less braids. but, rather, this time i did lots of smaller braid. i havent wore this style in awhile. i kinda missed it. smaller braids mean tighter waves.

(xoxo lovegirl)

shopping,,i love it

i did make it to the mall twice within the past few days. it was a real bad idea because i saw so many things that i must have. i fixated on a necklace at charlotte russe. i had to have it. so i went back the next day and got it. it was just that serious.i dont even have an outfit for it. but im not worried about that. ill find one. however, i did maintain a certain self control, which im very proud of. the potential go broke was all around me. this is why i stay away from the mall. avoid temptation.

i did manage to get a few pics of my favorites.

this was what i saw when i first walked in jc penny. i love the animal print top with the ruffles. i liked the sweater with the belt, but i didnt like how they had it in the display. the sweater was on sale for 19.99.

these two items i found in a store in the mall called Venables. it had mainly pocketbooks and jewelry. silver jewelry. this ring is called an opalized ring. the colors that were sparkling in it were so pretty. it was $80. the necklace is costume jewelry. i thought it was going to be heavy but surprisingly it was very light. it came with some earrings that i didnt care for, and didnt even bother to add in the picture. the set (earrings and necklace) was $30.
i found this in lane bryant. i wanted it. but i didnt get it. it was $19.99 and 40% off.

i previously mentioned that i want a faux fur vest, so when i saw this i thought i had found one. but, this turned out to be a sweater with the fur in the  front. it was really cute but not exactly what i had in mind. it was in charlotte russe $44.50

and finally, saving the best for last. the necklace i was dreaming about and had to have.

i took the first picture while it was under lights but it came out dark. the second one, i laid it the couch in the store. some of the circles have silver and some have clear diamond-like pieces. it has a little weight to it. ill just add it to my stash until i find the perfect outfit for it. im thinking something definately off the shoulder. i found a picture of it on the website.

double row grecian necklace
ok, thats all for now..until next time..(xoxo lovegirl)

Monday, November 1, 2010

feeln like

cant find my inspiration today...the mind many thoughts and ideas....xoxo lovegirl

Saturday, October 30, 2010

8 fall items you will love


i love this jacket on nicole richie. this look is a hard/soft combo. satin dress and heels, and accent with dark tights and mixed metals. im not a fan of the tights with this but the  overall look is very chic. i love hard/soft combo. keeps the look versatile and fun. (dkny faux leather jacket $98)


summer dresses used to be just that, for summer. but not anymore. they can be paired with a sweater or a cardigan, tights and boots. joy bryant pulls this off quite well. matching a cardigan or sweatwer to atleast one of the colors in the dress is a great way to make the outfit pop. (chiffon with lace trim dress, Kate Moss for Topshop, $145)


ive already blogged about the cargos before. i love them.cargo pants like vitoria beckham's are as comfy and easy to wear as denim, working equally well day or night. they also follow in the footsteps of  the fall trend of the military look.


i love love love the fur vest. i must get one this season.i love how rachel zoe rocks these with scarves and oversized handbags. they are so chic and upscale.Layer under a coat to get a nonbulky boost of warmth or throw it on with jeans to add instant polish like elle macpherson. it gives a casual jeans and long sleeve shirt an entire new feel when you throw on a fur vest.


(Fair Isle is a traditional knitting  technique used to create patterns with multiple colors. It is named after FAIR ISLE, a tiny island in the north of scotland, that forms part of the shetland islands)

on a cold night, a comfy and cozy fair isle sweater will def keep you warm.  try something with a folksy spin like rhianna. this scottish sweater has a classic pattern, but its shape is far from traditional. drape it over pants, or belt it over a skirt for a more pulled-together look. (acrylic sweater, Kensie, $78;


animal prints can be worn with solids, like on lily allen, or with another not sure how i feel about mixing prints, but if you do, choose a bold print that doesn't clash but instead adds contrast. (banana republic, $70)


pair it with a body-skimming silk blouse like taylor swift to offset the fullness and give a relaxed finished look tothe outfit. bulk on the bottom means slim on top.tie on a belt to define your waist.


i love these with the fur on the collar. the new versions are tailored and can add edge to an evening look. or throw on tights and boots like michelle willaims for an outfit that's anything but standard

(xoxo lovegirl)

Monday, October 25, 2010

outfit hook-up

Casall Cozy Organic Tank Top, Coral, 16, $42
Juicy Couture Cotton-twill military jacket, $300
Topshop > Multi Floral Print Gathered Skirt By TV, $395
Confluence Boot, $55
Whiting & Davis Shirred Frame Clutch, $228

i was inspired by the military trend for the season when  i put this look together. the bright coral shirt keeps the outfit fun with a touch of spring. i added the gold bracelets and clutch to make this outfit great for a night out. i can soooo see rhianna  rockin this outfit.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I've been hurt so many times
It got to a point
When I decided
I can't do this any more
I need someone to hold me
I need someone that needs me
I need someone that loves me

Can you be my superman?
Can you be my superman?
Will you be my superman?
Will you be my superman?

Superman (4x)

You know, we don't have to be dramatic
Just romantic lyrics from
Do all the little things
That excites me
As your woman
Give me a kiss goodnight
Over the phone
When you working late
When you're out of town
Tell me how much you need it
Cus we deserve it
We can be together

black coffee f/ bucie

deep conditioner day

well i didnt get to purchase the deep conditoner i wanted, but i did find something just as good in my stash of products. i washed my hair yesterday with the v05 moisture milks strawberry shampoo. i usually only wash my hair with shampoo once a month. shampoo dries out the hair so i dont use it often. after i washed i applied the mane n tail deep moisturizing conditoner and let it sit for about ten minutes. once i rinsed it out i could immediately feel a difference in my hair. it was soft and very manageable.

when i was finished, i added the neutrogena triple moisuture silk touch leave in cream which i love. this product is a little more costly than most but it works so good. make the hair so so soft and smells great. this product will not disappoint i promise. then i added a little motions leave in conditioner and put my hair in a bun to air dry.
(xoxo lovegirl)

****hair tip of the day: keep your ends moist to avoid breakage and retain length****

Friday, October 22, 2010

protective style

actually, i meant to deep condition my hair this week while i was off work. but i was lazy and didnt do it. today i figured id stop playin and go ahead and do it. then i check my stash and i dont even have anymore. i like to use the lustrasilk deep conditioner w/ shea butter. it works great as a moisturing conditioner. when my hair is really dry, i add a little evoo to the deep conditioner . (extra virgin olive oil)

any kind of olive oil is fine. i usually just buy the store brand and mix a little in the conditioner. it adds moisture an makes the hair soft.
so since i didnt deep condition my hair i didnt really want to leave it out for the weekend. so i put it in what i consider a pretective style. a protective style is doing your hair in anyway that wont cause any damage to the hair and with no heat.
i twisted the sides and pulled it all back in a ponytail. my ends werent bad so i didnt bun, i just left it hanging out. ill most likely rock this all weekend and then deep condition on tuesday.

(xoxo lovegirl)

Monday, October 18, 2010

knit dresses

omg, i love knit or sweater dresses. they are so comfortable and a great fall item to have on hand. they can be dressed casual for the office of dressed up for a night out with the girls. a nice knit dress with a pair of tights and some fly boots, o yes, definately a fly outfit.

these cute dresses i found on the rue21 website (

1-textured basket weave belted dress 21.99
2-textured turtleneck sweater dress 19.99
3-textured sweater dress with cowl neck 19.99

cute tights and boots also on the site to go with the dress

flower print and zebra print

1-buckle bootie with heel 29.99
2-foldover button bootie 29.99
3-fur trim wedge boot (my favorite) 34.99

1-turtleneck sweater dress 69.00
2-cowlneck sweatdress 69.00
3-stripe sweater dress 78.00

so cute. and can be worn during the fall and carried over into the winter. ankle boots or knee boots work great.