Sunday, October 24, 2010

deep conditioner day

well i didnt get to purchase the deep conditoner i wanted, but i did find something just as good in my stash of products. i washed my hair yesterday with the v05 moisture milks strawberry shampoo. i usually only wash my hair with shampoo once a month. shampoo dries out the hair so i dont use it often. after i washed i applied the mane n tail deep moisturizing conditoner and let it sit for about ten minutes. once i rinsed it out i could immediately feel a difference in my hair. it was soft and very manageable.

when i was finished, i added the neutrogena triple moisuture silk touch leave in cream which i love. this product is a little more costly than most but it works so good. make the hair so so soft and smells great. this product will not disappoint i promise. then i added a little motions leave in conditioner and put my hair in a bun to air dry.
(xoxo lovegirl)

****hair tip of the day: keep your ends moist to avoid breakage and retain length****

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