Saturday, October 30, 2010

8 fall items you will love


i love this jacket on nicole richie. this look is a hard/soft combo. satin dress and heels, and accent with dark tights and mixed metals. im not a fan of the tights with this but the  overall look is very chic. i love hard/soft combo. keeps the look versatile and fun. (dkny faux leather jacket $98)


summer dresses used to be just that, for summer. but not anymore. they can be paired with a sweater or a cardigan, tights and boots. joy bryant pulls this off quite well. matching a cardigan or sweatwer to atleast one of the colors in the dress is a great way to make the outfit pop. (chiffon with lace trim dress, Kate Moss for Topshop, $145)


ive already blogged about the cargos before. i love them.cargo pants like vitoria beckham's are as comfy and easy to wear as denim, working equally well day or night. they also follow in the footsteps of  the fall trend of the military look.


i love love love the fur vest. i must get one this season.i love how rachel zoe rocks these with scarves and oversized handbags. they are so chic and upscale.Layer under a coat to get a nonbulky boost of warmth or throw it on with jeans to add instant polish like elle macpherson. it gives a casual jeans and long sleeve shirt an entire new feel when you throw on a fur vest.


(Fair Isle is a traditional knitting  technique used to create patterns with multiple colors. It is named after FAIR ISLE, a tiny island in the north of scotland, that forms part of the shetland islands)

on a cold night, a comfy and cozy fair isle sweater will def keep you warm.  try something with a folksy spin like rhianna. this scottish sweater has a classic pattern, but its shape is far from traditional. drape it over pants, or belt it over a skirt for a more pulled-together look. (acrylic sweater, Kensie, $78;


animal prints can be worn with solids, like on lily allen, or with another not sure how i feel about mixing prints, but if you do, choose a bold print that doesn't clash but instead adds contrast. (banana republic, $70)


pair it with a body-skimming silk blouse like taylor swift to offset the fullness and give a relaxed finished look tothe outfit. bulk on the bottom means slim on top.tie on a belt to define your waist.


i love these with the fur on the collar. the new versions are tailored and can add edge to an evening look. or throw on tights and boots like michelle willaims for an outfit that's anything but standard

(xoxo lovegirl)

Monday, October 25, 2010

outfit hook-up

Casall Cozy Organic Tank Top, Coral, 16, $42
Juicy Couture Cotton-twill military jacket, $300
Topshop > Multi Floral Print Gathered Skirt By TV, $395
Confluence Boot, $55
Whiting & Davis Shirred Frame Clutch, $228

i was inspired by the military trend for the season when  i put this look together. the bright coral shirt keeps the outfit fun with a touch of spring. i added the gold bracelets and clutch to make this outfit great for a night out. i can soooo see rhianna  rockin this outfit.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I've been hurt so many times
It got to a point
When I decided
I can't do this any more
I need someone to hold me
I need someone that needs me
I need someone that loves me

Can you be my superman?
Can you be my superman?
Will you be my superman?
Will you be my superman?

Superman (4x)

You know, we don't have to be dramatic
Just romantic lyrics from
Do all the little things
That excites me
As your woman
Give me a kiss goodnight
Over the phone
When you working late
When you're out of town
Tell me how much you need it
Cus we deserve it
We can be together

black coffee f/ bucie

deep conditioner day

well i didnt get to purchase the deep conditoner i wanted, but i did find something just as good in my stash of products. i washed my hair yesterday with the v05 moisture milks strawberry shampoo. i usually only wash my hair with shampoo once a month. shampoo dries out the hair so i dont use it often. after i washed i applied the mane n tail deep moisturizing conditoner and let it sit for about ten minutes. once i rinsed it out i could immediately feel a difference in my hair. it was soft and very manageable.

when i was finished, i added the neutrogena triple moisuture silk touch leave in cream which i love. this product is a little more costly than most but it works so good. make the hair so so soft and smells great. this product will not disappoint i promise. then i added a little motions leave in conditioner and put my hair in a bun to air dry.
(xoxo lovegirl)

****hair tip of the day: keep your ends moist to avoid breakage and retain length****

Friday, October 22, 2010

protective style

actually, i meant to deep condition my hair this week while i was off work. but i was lazy and didnt do it. today i figured id stop playin and go ahead and do it. then i check my stash and i dont even have anymore. i like to use the lustrasilk deep conditioner w/ shea butter. it works great as a moisturing conditioner. when my hair is really dry, i add a little evoo to the deep conditioner . (extra virgin olive oil)

any kind of olive oil is fine. i usually just buy the store brand and mix a little in the conditioner. it adds moisture an makes the hair soft.
so since i didnt deep condition my hair i didnt really want to leave it out for the weekend. so i put it in what i consider a pretective style. a protective style is doing your hair in anyway that wont cause any damage to the hair and with no heat.
i twisted the sides and pulled it all back in a ponytail. my ends werent bad so i didnt bun, i just left it hanging out. ill most likely rock this all weekend and then deep condition on tuesday.

(xoxo lovegirl)

Monday, October 18, 2010

knit dresses

omg, i love knit or sweater dresses. they are so comfortable and a great fall item to have on hand. they can be dressed casual for the office of dressed up for a night out with the girls. a nice knit dress with a pair of tights and some fly boots, o yes, definately a fly outfit.

these cute dresses i found on the rue21 website (

1-textured basket weave belted dress 21.99
2-textured turtleneck sweater dress 19.99
3-textured sweater dress with cowl neck 19.99

cute tights and boots also on the site to go with the dress

flower print and zebra print

1-buckle bootie with heel 29.99
2-foldover button bootie 29.99
3-fur trim wedge boot (my favorite) 34.99

1-turtleneck sweater dress 69.00
2-cowlneck sweatdress 69.00
3-stripe sweater dress 78.00

so cute. and can be worn during the fall and carried over into the winter. ankle boots or knee boots work great.

so good, yet so bad

im so in love with soda. i cant help it. its like a drug for me. gotta have my soda fix when i eat. my favorite is diet dr pepper. ok then theres orange and strawberry. why does it have to be so good? well i came across some information that kind of gave me a reason not to love it so much.
first of all, it has ZERO nutritonal value. its basically empty calories that are just making you fat. one can of soda contains between 120 and 190 calories. studies show that people who drink one or more cans of soda a day are almost a third more likely to become obese. soda is basically considered liquid candy. NOT GOOD!!
next, soda destroys your tooth enamel. the high acidity of the beverage takes away enamel that you can never get back, and the sugar in soda brings about tooth decay and cavities. thats horrible. diet soda is just as bad and maybe worse than regular soda. even though it doesnt have the sugar. the artificial sweeteners used to replace the sugar could be worse for you than the real stuff. for example saccharin is derived from petroleum and is known to cause bladder cancer in rats, and aspartame breaks down inside your body into methanol, a type of alcohol that egyptians used to embalm the dead. thats gross.
and lastly, the phosphoric acid which actually leaches calcium out of your bones – it can also clean rust off car bumpers. yeah i said it. ok this little bit of info makes me think twice about my soda addiction.
ill have to think about it like this, i dont need soda at every meal. ill think of  it more as a treat like cake or ice cream or something like that. this is hard. but cleaning the rust off bumpers, no way. its insanity. cheers soda lovers.
(xoxo lovegirl)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


im hoping and praying and wishing and wanting, as i do some soul searching..looking through my minds eye..deep truths, packed so tight, never to return to the surface. what is it?  what is it about? old pain, new pain, hurt and anger stacked on each other, deep in my soul. and as i search i see the wanting and the hoping just become objects occupying space in a crowed and uneasy soul. no joy here. no love here. and as i search deep, soul searching, looking for answers..well i see the wishing and the wanting collecting dust. no real purpose, never finding the answers to any of the questions. so the anxiety builds and the depression sets in because the soul searching hasnt led to anything promising. more hurt and anger and pain,,and no answers. hoping and wishing and praying and wanting but never receiving.

(xoxo lovegirl)

Friday, October 15, 2010

military trend for fall

one of the funky new trends for fall is the military look. its versatile and can be achieved in so many dfferent ways,
this first look is a military hooded cardigan from american eagle ( 49.50

the following military inspired jackets were found at (

red-guess cutaway double breasted wool blend military  coat 148.00
black-marc by marc jacobs "oxford" stretch wool jacket 398.00
green-william rast double breasted military jacket 395..00

i like that these trendy jackets can be worn with those summer dresses that you arent quite ready to put away yet. another great way to wear the trend is the cargo pants. there is really no wrong way to wear them.

this is a great way to not overdo this trend. she paired the cargo pants with a silk top and a b lazer and studded heels. the key is to wear only one military piece at at a time or you will end up looking like you are in a uniform. pair your cargos with a silk top, ruffles, or nautical stripes. very cute. then pair with a  clutch if you're headed out for the evening.


i found these cargos @ (

cute vest and jacket!
military twill vest 24.99
long sleeve military jacket w/ sipper 21.99
xoxo (love girl)

bantu knots

bantu knots are a great way to curl your hair or get a lose wave depending many knots you use. i consider it a protective style because it doesnt require heat. first you have to decide if u want lose waves or tight curls. for tight curls i suggest smaller knots and for the lose waves i suggest a few big knots. take one section at a time and twist it until it's a tight twist that collapses onto itself. twist the piece around and tuck the end of the strand under itself. you can secure the  knot with covered bands or hair pins with plastic tips.

here is a pic of my bantu knots. i did
three in the top and two in the back.

here is a sideview

before i put my hair in the knots, i applied a small amount of olive oil to
each section concentrating on the ends. the bantu knots work great
on long or short hair and is a great way to avoid using heat on the hair.

last night i did 7 bantu knots. i was needing more of a curl patter opposed to the wave.

(xoxo lovegirl)