Monday, November 28, 2011

leopard lover

im so in love with the leopard print this season. everything from shoes, to hats, to jackets, to pants, even jewelry. i want it all. but of course not to wear all at once. ummmm NO. that would be a disaster. but i do want a leopard print bag, scarf and maybe some ballerina flats. this site has a large selection of leopard items, including some really nice shoes and booties. #obsessed
i did order a pair of boots from there (non-leopard) and i am anxiously awaiting their arrival. it seems like its has been almost two weeks. but according to the tracking, it should be delivered tomorrow. i was so tempted to order another pair.
this is the one i ordered.
and these are the ones i wanted to get today. i had my finger on the "checkout" button. but i didnt. i think these are so cute tho. this is my first purchase with gojane so ill wait and see how this first order goes. and then ill know if i want to continue doing business with them.
stay tuned!