Friday, December 31, 2010

resolve to do ...

ok so i dont really believe in new years resolutions, but there are some things that id like to get done in 2011.  my hair regimen has slacked off alot.. im bascally jus doing the bare minimum and i know i can be doing more. i didnt stretch my relaxer much last year either. so ill have to get back into a more strict regmen to make sure the new growth is manageable for stretching. ill be ordering a jar of the extra virgin coconut oil and the jamaican black castor oil as well. i will continue using the motions leave in because it works for me. ill post pics of my hair later. i plan to gain lots of length this year and have as little breakage as possible. i relaxed nov 23. so its only been 5 weeks. id like to stretch past 14 weeks. that puts me somewhere around march 1. thats long, but not impossible because ive dont it before. will jus require alot of work and determination. ready for 2011.....


feels so good

it definately feels good to be back. im ready to get back into blogging and sharing with you a little bit of me. i plan to kick things off jan 1, 2011. more entries, contest, and tutorials. more fashion, more shoppng, more styling tips. all things to look for in the new year. ive recently joined and i suggest you do the same. she is *ah-mazing*. when you subscribe, you get a free daily email on anything from fashon to shopping, to home decor. i am forever inspired by her.
xoxo lovegirl