Monday, November 28, 2011

leopard lover

im so in love with the leopard print this season. everything from shoes, to hats, to jackets, to pants, even jewelry. i want it all. but of course not to wear all at once. ummmm NO. that would be a disaster. but i do want a leopard print bag, scarf and maybe some ballerina flats. this site has a large selection of leopard items, including some really nice shoes and booties. #obsessed
i did order a pair of boots from there (non-leopard) and i am anxiously awaiting their arrival. it seems like its has been almost two weeks. but according to the tracking, it should be delivered tomorrow. i was so tempted to order another pair.
this is the one i ordered.
and these are the ones i wanted to get today. i had my finger on the "checkout" button. but i didnt. i think these are so cute tho. this is my first purchase with gojane so ill wait and see how this first order goes. and then ill know if i want to continue doing business with them.
stay tuned!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

now playing r. kelly-love letter

hey subbies..this new r. kelly is the truth. i love it....

anyway, as you may know fashion week in NY is over! i checked the street style and it was just as amazing as the runway looks. i love the style of new yorkers. so fresh and chic. i love to see a new yorker express individuality. theres is nothing better.
1-celeb stylist june ambrose
2-jewelry designer crystal sheets
3-model brittany hall
4-model jade cole
there were so many pics to look at. the street style was crazy! thats what fashion is. its all about expressing yourself. expressing yourself through fashion. im so in love with it.

i was inspired.
so i went shopping on ebay and found so many nice pieces of jewelry. i did end up purchasing 4 rings.

4 cocktail rings. there was so much to choose from. but i settled on these 4 for now. the seller has so many nice pieces. i will definately be returning to their site soon.

happy fashion!
xoxo lovegirl

Saturday, February 26, 2011

new new and new again

hello loves,
well im happy to say ive received my new products for my hair and im anxious to share them with you. the first was my aloe vera juice.
Lily of the Desert Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice i received this first. i put it in a spray bottle and i use it daily. it makes my hair soft and im hoping it will help with any shedding. i am really hoping this will help my new growth once it starts coming in. right now i am only 4 weeks post so there isnt much new growth yet. but so far my hair is really soft with it. i just included it in my daily routine. im bunning my hair so its ok that it makes my hair wet.

next up, i just received the rosewater and glycerin. Heritage Products Rose Petals Rosewater & Glycerin this i will use as a daily moisturizer with my alove vera juice. i plan to mix the two together in my spray bottle. according to the label it can also be used as a skin lotion and a harsh weather defense. i am hoping these two products together will work as a good moisturizer and help to keep my new growth soft and manageable.

ive also been using my jamaican black castor oil every other day on my hair. i put it on my scalp and massage it in. and then i seal my ends with it. the goal: retain length and thicken my ends.

ive had alot of growth since feb 09 but im hoping for more in 2011. here is a closeup of my ends right now.
 and then in july 09 i made the tshirt so that i can measure my growth.

so there has definately been growth. but its been very slow. this is why i switched up my regimen. and i also changed products. what i was using was ok for then, but not ok for now. here is what my regimen consist of:

mositurize with herbal essences long term relationship
seal with extra virgin coconut oil
spray my hair with the aloe vera juice and rosewater mix

every other day:
apply jamaican black castor oil to my scalp and massage
apply to my ends

thursdays: (wash day)
co-wash with tresemme conditioner (moisture rich or thermal recovery)
deep condition once a week

NO HEAT! (hair dryers, curlers, flat irons)
i plan to bun my hair 5-6 days a week and wear a braidout maybe once a week

here is a picture of my bun

and here is my bun for today

thats all for now..
xoxo..lovegirl (muah)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

my oils

i just ordered my trusty jamaican black castor oil from . the original price was 5.29 but i used and online coupon and got it for 4.23 and shipping was 4.33. very inexpensive and will be well worth the money.   The jbco is known to cleanse toxins from the scalp, nourish and thicken the hair, stimulate hair growth, moisturize dry brittle hair, repair split ends, and give hair body and bounce. i plan to take a before picture of my hair and then use the entire bottle and then take after pics to show how it can stimulate growth. i will apply to my scalp every other night. and i will continue to moisturize with the herbal essences long term relationship but will seal my ends with the jbco.the coconut oil i will use to seal my hair and the jbco strictly on my ends. only because this product is very thick and if applied to my hair to much it will make it heavy and weighed down. i had so much growth and thickness the last time i used this product and im hoping to have the same great results. once im finished with this bottle,im sure it will be time to relax my hair because of the growth and at the point i will post the after pics.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what i did today..

well im still wearing my hair in a bun. trying to protect my ends as much as possible. definately no braidouts. i just purchased another bottle of my favorite product. herbal esseences long term relationship leave in conditioner. its working great with my extra virgin coconut oil. i see alot less breakage and am hoping like crazy for length retention. yesterday i wore my hair up. it was curls on the ends because of the two previos buns so i wore it out.

today i wore it up but in a full bun with a cute hair accessory i got a from a friend.

i also purchased a great eyeshadow palette from walgreens last week. its wet n' wild 'dont steal my thunder'. its makes creating a smokey eye so easy. i used a little of it today for work, but i didnt do anything dramatic. i dont think i need to be to dazzled just for work. (nahhh)

ill have to post pics when i do the actual smokey eye. but i love this palette. the wet n wild eye shadows are so nice and very inexpensive. (must collect more)


more good stuff

when i was considering how i would rock the 70s look this summer, i never thought about jeans. its super how down here in the summer so im not sure if ill buy some. but i did come across some really fly ones if i decided to.
im not a fan of the wide leg jeans, but with a pair of wedges, i think the hudson jeans ($198) would be cute.
these are a pair of  derek lam high waisted denim trousers. retro inspired of course.
 i love these, but i dont think these type of pants are for every body type. and they definately cant be worn with just anything. i hate when i see people throw piees together and they dont compliment each other. this white shirt gives this look a nice clean and neat finish.
i found this next pair on . so cute and very retro. Genetic Denim Adriane Mid Rise Quilted Bell Jeansvery cute pockets. immediately i think of what shes i could wear with a flare jeans. i checked my favorite site. i love this site. i stalk it regularly.
$19.99 (these are my favorite) im so in love with shoes.

i found some great jewelry for this look on the charlotte russe website.

1-layered chain necklace with blossom $10.50
2-pearl diver chain bracelet $4.00
3-faux pearl cluster necklace $12.50

i found some really nice statement rings at
Marcia Moran Gold Drusy RingAriella Collection Open Lace Pavé Dome RingAriella Collection Large Cat's Eye Stone RingMarcia Moran Triangle Drusy RingJuicy Couture 'Love Story' Boxed Adjustable Cocktail RingAriella Collection PavĂ© Dome Ring
1-marcia moran gold drusy ring 198.00
2-ariella collection open lace pave dome ring 88.00
3-ariella collection large cat's eye stone ring 72.00
4-marcia moran triangle drusy ring 155.00
5-juicy coutoure "love story" boxed adjustable cocktail ring 78.00
6-judith jack "purple passion" abalone ring 150.00
very nice rings, some a little pricey, but if its in your budget then they are well worth the expense. the right accessories set an outfit off to the next level of fashion and style.

i think i might be a little obesessed with the 70's vibe. :-)
xoxo lovegirl