Saturday, February 26, 2011

new new and new again

hello loves,
well im happy to say ive received my new products for my hair and im anxious to share them with you. the first was my aloe vera juice.
Lily of the Desert Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice i received this first. i put it in a spray bottle and i use it daily. it makes my hair soft and im hoping it will help with any shedding. i am really hoping this will help my new growth once it starts coming in. right now i am only 4 weeks post so there isnt much new growth yet. but so far my hair is really soft with it. i just included it in my daily routine. im bunning my hair so its ok that it makes my hair wet.

next up, i just received the rosewater and glycerin. Heritage Products Rose Petals Rosewater & Glycerin this i will use as a daily moisturizer with my alove vera juice. i plan to mix the two together in my spray bottle. according to the label it can also be used as a skin lotion and a harsh weather defense. i am hoping these two products together will work as a good moisturizer and help to keep my new growth soft and manageable.

ive also been using my jamaican black castor oil every other day on my hair. i put it on my scalp and massage it in. and then i seal my ends with it. the goal: retain length and thicken my ends.

ive had alot of growth since feb 09 but im hoping for more in 2011. here is a closeup of my ends right now.
 and then in july 09 i made the tshirt so that i can measure my growth.

so there has definately been growth. but its been very slow. this is why i switched up my regimen. and i also changed products. what i was using was ok for then, but not ok for now. here is what my regimen consist of:

mositurize with herbal essences long term relationship
seal with extra virgin coconut oil
spray my hair with the aloe vera juice and rosewater mix

every other day:
apply jamaican black castor oil to my scalp and massage
apply to my ends

thursdays: (wash day)
co-wash with tresemme conditioner (moisture rich or thermal recovery)
deep condition once a week

NO HEAT! (hair dryers, curlers, flat irons)
i plan to bun my hair 5-6 days a week and wear a braidout maybe once a week

here is a picture of my bun

and here is my bun for today

thats all for now..
xoxo..lovegirl (muah)

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