Sunday, February 27, 2011

now playing r. kelly-love letter

hey subbies..this new r. kelly is the truth. i love it....

anyway, as you may know fashion week in NY is over! i checked the street style and it was just as amazing as the runway looks. i love the style of new yorkers. so fresh and chic. i love to see a new yorker express individuality. theres is nothing better.
1-celeb stylist june ambrose
2-jewelry designer crystal sheets
3-model brittany hall
4-model jade cole
there were so many pics to look at. the street style was crazy! thats what fashion is. its all about expressing yourself. expressing yourself through fashion. im so in love with it.

i was inspired.
so i went shopping on ebay and found so many nice pieces of jewelry. i did end up purchasing 4 rings.

4 cocktail rings. there was so much to choose from. but i settled on these 4 for now. the seller has so many nice pieces. i will definately be returning to their site soon.

happy fashion!
xoxo lovegirl

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