Thursday, February 3, 2011

hair update

today i am one week post relaxer. i was faithfully using the motions nourish leave-in conditioner but ive changed up and began using the herbal essence long term relationship instead. the motions was a protein leave-in and the h.e. is a moisturizing leave-in. im trying to do all i can to add moisture to my hair and retain length. ive been using zero heat and i have been wearing my hair strictly in a bun to keep my ends protected. so far so good. i really dont plan to wear my hair out much for the next two months. here is a 2 yr comparison pic.
lots of growth but i was hoping for more. when i relax my hair i love to wear it out, but i wont do that this time. hopefully i will see more growth during 2011.  today i did a protein treatment. i used the ors replenishing pack. i used all three packs because my hair is so thick. i like to do a protein treatment on my hair because it will replenish and fortify the hair cuticles and hair shaft since the relaxer breaks down the protein bonds within the hair. the ors replenishing pack is a light protein treatment and can be used once a week. but its best to examine your hair and see what it needs before doing these treatments weekly. next week ill do a moisturizing conditioner with my lustra silk shea butter deep conditioner. my goal is to add moisture and avoid breakage. i am currently apl and hope to reach mbl by the end of the year.
until next time..
xoxo lovegirl

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  1. Girl you have gained some beautiful length. I can't wait til my hair get's that long. I am loving your pics. Beautiful Inspiration !