Friday, October 8, 2010

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dec 2008- my hair was thick, but not healthy. i believed in using heat. curlers, flat irons, blow dryers religiously.  then i began doing some research on how to properly take care of my hair. i saw so many before and after photos of black women who grew their hair long and healthy. i brought all kinds of products. some i loved and some i hated. i waisted alot of money trying to decide what products were best for my hair. but in the end it was worth it.
after alot of trial and error, this is what i learned: my hair needs moisture inorder to maintain length. my hair was growing but it was breaking because i wasnt keeping the ends moist. my latest love, or product find, is the extra virgin coconut oil ( ive used it all summer on my hair. it worked great in all the heat and humidity.

ive come up with a pretty simple hair regimen that helps to maintain the moisture and ive created more healty hair habits.shampoo tends to dry the hair out so i only shampoo once a month. i co-wash (clean the hair/scalp with conditioner).  my favorite conditioner right now and almost a year is the tresemme thermal recovery conditioner.

i cant find this right now so ive been using the tresemme moisture rich conditioner.  they both work great. i wet my hair and then add this conditioner to my hair and massage in my scalp. i hold my hair under the water and detangle with a wide-tooth comb. using lots of conditoner helps to make detangling easy.  when im done i use a  good leave -in conditioner. right now my favs are  the motions leave-in and the silk elements silken child leave-in detangler.
 the silken child is for kids but i love the way it works on my hair. it smells great too.
motions works great too. i usually switch back and forth between the two.  so i co-wash, then add leave-in conditoner then the coconut oil to seal in the moisture.  i  like putting my hair in a  bun because it keeps the ends tucked away and prevents them from drying out.  this regmen i will probably keep during the winter. i was thinking about switching up with a little shea butter. but i haven't decided just yet.
i also try to deep condition my hair twice a week depending on how much time i have. i like to use  the lustra silk deep conditioner with shea butter as a moisturizing  conditioner and the queen helene deep conditioner as a protein conditioner.

here is where my hair was may 09

 and then aug 2010

i relaxed my hair a week ago but havent done a length  check yet. when i do, ill post pics. heres a pic from  a few days ago showing off my new bangs.

im excited about my two year hair care anniversary coming up in december. im hoping to not relax until then and do a comparison pic from dec 08 to dec 2010. healthy hair doesnt require tons of money, just a good and healthy regimen.
(xoxo lovegirl)

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