Friday, October 22, 2010

protective style

actually, i meant to deep condition my hair this week while i was off work. but i was lazy and didnt do it. today i figured id stop playin and go ahead and do it. then i check my stash and i dont even have anymore. i like to use the lustrasilk deep conditioner w/ shea butter. it works great as a moisturing conditioner. when my hair is really dry, i add a little evoo to the deep conditioner . (extra virgin olive oil)

any kind of olive oil is fine. i usually just buy the store brand and mix a little in the conditioner. it adds moisture an makes the hair soft.
so since i didnt deep condition my hair i didnt really want to leave it out for the weekend. so i put it in what i consider a pretective style. a protective style is doing your hair in anyway that wont cause any damage to the hair and with no heat.
i twisted the sides and pulled it all back in a ponytail. my ends werent bad so i didnt bun, i just left it hanging out. ill most likely rock this all weekend and then deep condition on tuesday.

(xoxo lovegirl)

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