Friday, October 15, 2010

bantu knots

bantu knots are a great way to curl your hair or get a lose wave depending many knots you use. i consider it a protective style because it doesnt require heat. first you have to decide if u want lose waves or tight curls. for tight curls i suggest smaller knots and for the lose waves i suggest a few big knots. take one section at a time and twist it until it's a tight twist that collapses onto itself. twist the piece around and tuck the end of the strand under itself. you can secure the  knot with covered bands or hair pins with plastic tips.

here is a pic of my bantu knots. i did
three in the top and two in the back.

here is a sideview

before i put my hair in the knots, i applied a small amount of olive oil to
each section concentrating on the ends. the bantu knots work great
on long or short hair and is a great way to avoid using heat on the hair.

last night i did 7 bantu knots. i was needing more of a curl patter opposed to the wave.

(xoxo lovegirl)


  1. I love this post, I feel so duh, for some reason I never thought about Bantu knots as a style I could use on my hair, I thought after you got it knotted like that, that was the style! Definitely will be trying those after I take my hair down. Thanks!

  2. thanks for following me,,,and im so happy to be able to help