Monday, October 18, 2010

so good, yet so bad

im so in love with soda. i cant help it. its like a drug for me. gotta have my soda fix when i eat. my favorite is diet dr pepper. ok then theres orange and strawberry. why does it have to be so good? well i came across some information that kind of gave me a reason not to love it so much.
first of all, it has ZERO nutritonal value. its basically empty calories that are just making you fat. one can of soda contains between 120 and 190 calories. studies show that people who drink one or more cans of soda a day are almost a third more likely to become obese. soda is basically considered liquid candy. NOT GOOD!!
next, soda destroys your tooth enamel. the high acidity of the beverage takes away enamel that you can never get back, and the sugar in soda brings about tooth decay and cavities. thats horrible. diet soda is just as bad and maybe worse than regular soda. even though it doesnt have the sugar. the artificial sweeteners used to replace the sugar could be worse for you than the real stuff. for example saccharin is derived from petroleum and is known to cause bladder cancer in rats, and aspartame breaks down inside your body into methanol, a type of alcohol that egyptians used to embalm the dead. thats gross.
and lastly, the phosphoric acid which actually leaches calcium out of your bones – it can also clean rust off car bumpers. yeah i said it. ok this little bit of info makes me think twice about my soda addiction.
ill have to think about it like this, i dont need soda at every meal. ill think of  it more as a treat like cake or ice cream or something like that. this is hard. but cleaning the rust off bumpers, no way. its insanity. cheers soda lovers.
(xoxo lovegirl)

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