Friday, November 5, 2010

new hair products

i didnt go overboard. i like to keep my hair products stash  full of only staple products.

and the tresemme moisture rich conditioner.
it time to deep condition. so ill use this lekair cholestol  deep conditioner and add evoo to it. ill let it sit for and hour or so. then ill co-wash with the tresemme condioner. i am new to this brand of gel. i was stuck on the elasta qp gel. it worked great. but once i found this kind, i was hooked. it makes the hair soft and shiny. never gets hard or flaky.  im 5 1/2 weeks post relaxer so ill definately be needing this for the edges. this weekend im wearing my hair in a braidout. not the typical braidout with 5 or less braids. but, rather, this time i did lots of smaller braid. i havent wore this style in awhile. i kinda missed it. smaller braids mean tighter waves.

(xoxo lovegirl)

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