Monday, November 8, 2010

lazy day

i guess we are all entitled to have those. still havent conditioned my hair yet. i will definately handle that tomorrow on my day off. last night i didnt feel like doing anything to my hair so this morning it was a small disaster.i took a shower and let it get wet. then i applied my motions leave-in brushed in some gel with my boar bristle brush, which i love.
then i added evoo and then put it in a ponytail and a nice tight bun. my hair was kind of dry. a little neglect and it suffers. so i put it in a bun to protect the ends until i deep condition tomorrow. a bun is harder to do in the winter time. in the summer i can wash my hair in the shower and bun it while its wet. winter is here and there is definately no going outside with wet hair. so its hard putting the thickness in a bun.

the last time i relaxed my hair it came out a little bit around the nape as you can see in the second picture. i was freaking out at first, but then it didnt really bother me. i was thinking to order a bottle of jamaican black castor oil which will thicken it right back up quickly. the gel works like a mircale gel. im 6 weeks post relaxer and the edges look great.

(xoxo lovegirl)

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