Friday, November 5, 2010

shopping,,i love it

i did make it to the mall twice within the past few days. it was a real bad idea because i saw so many things that i must have. i fixated on a necklace at charlotte russe. i had to have it. so i went back the next day and got it. it was just that serious.i dont even have an outfit for it. but im not worried about that. ill find one. however, i did maintain a certain self control, which im very proud of. the potential go broke was all around me. this is why i stay away from the mall. avoid temptation.

i did manage to get a few pics of my favorites.

this was what i saw when i first walked in jc penny. i love the animal print top with the ruffles. i liked the sweater with the belt, but i didnt like how they had it in the display. the sweater was on sale for 19.99.

these two items i found in a store in the mall called Venables. it had mainly pocketbooks and jewelry. silver jewelry. this ring is called an opalized ring. the colors that were sparkling in it were so pretty. it was $80. the necklace is costume jewelry. i thought it was going to be heavy but surprisingly it was very light. it came with some earrings that i didnt care for, and didnt even bother to add in the picture. the set (earrings and necklace) was $30.
i found this in lane bryant. i wanted it. but i didnt get it. it was $19.99 and 40% off.

i previously mentioned that i want a faux fur vest, so when i saw this i thought i had found one. but, this turned out to be a sweater with the fur in the  front. it was really cute but not exactly what i had in mind. it was in charlotte russe $44.50

and finally, saving the best for last. the necklace i was dreaming about and had to have.

i took the first picture while it was under lights but it came out dark. the second one, i laid it the couch in the store. some of the circles have silver and some have clear diamond-like pieces. it has a little weight to it. ill just add it to my stash until i find the perfect outfit for it. im thinking something definately off the shoulder. i found a picture of it on the website.

double row grecian necklace
ok, thats all for now..until next time..(xoxo lovegirl)

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