Thursday, January 6, 2011

trend lover

i hadnt planned to blog about fashion until i did the forecast for spring,but i did come across a few things i had to share. i saw solange knowles in a pic with long micro braids like janet jackson had in the movie poetic justice. she was my inspiration to blog immediately.

the braids are nice. but i also like her turban. this is such a rachel zoe piece. i found this soft knit turban on .

$38 black soft knit turban with front twist detailing. moderate to loose fit. now i want one, esp for when i visit my dominican stylist. im sure i would need to oreder something like this online. i havent seen any in the stores around here.ill check ebay too. they have everything.

the next idea i saw was for a floral print shirt. i have a love/hate relationship with floral. defintaely more hate then love. but this past summer i did buy one floral shirt that came with a belt. it has brown and blue in it. i wore it with brown leggings when it wasnt extremely hot outside. but the idea i had was to pair the shirt with a patterned pant or legging.  its basically mixing patterns. and i know some may frown on doing that, but i think its a great way to give your style a new fashion forward look.

a patterned pant can be stripe, floral, graphic shapes or abstract art. bright and bold or subtle and sophisticated. whatever you feel more comfortable in. but definately dont be scared to mix patterns. clashing patterns give can give a sense of a careless charm. but dont overdo it because you will end up looking like a circus clown.

ok these are just a few things that caught my eye. my next trend blog will be a small forecast of what to expect for spring 2011. its time to go shopping because spring is right around the corner.

xoxo lovegirl

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