Sunday, January 2, 2011

6 weeks post

well actually ill be 6 weeks post in two more days. today i washed my hair and then i used the mane and tail deep moisturizng condtioner. i hate shampoo. it aways makes my hair hard and dry. i try to co-wash as much as possible, but today i needed to really clean my scalp. as soon as i put the conditioner on my hair, it became silky smooth. i usually use the tresemme conditioner, but when i dont have time to do a deep condioner, ill use the mane and tail conditioner. i blow dryed my hair when i finished washing it. i mainly did it because i wanted to do a length check. this will be what i use to compare my hair next january.

front and back pics as of today. i got my ends trimmed mid-november and it took some length. so im hoping to gain that back but in a more healthier form. today im ordering my extra virgin coconut oil from .i usually get the Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. (15fl oz $6.91). lately ive been using evoo (extra virgn olive oil) on my hair, but im going to switch up once i receive my order. my goal for this year is to reach mid-back length. im pretty sure i can do it as long as i stay committed.


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