Wednesday, January 5, 2011

bantu results

last night, i used my new evco. i started at the ng and then put on my ends. i also did three bantu knots.
one on each side and one in the back. when i took them out this morning, i put evco on the ends to prevent them from drying out and to add some shine.

this is what i consider a protective style because it required no heat. the evco gave my hair a great shine and did not dry out today. the bantu knots give my hair a nice wave/curl pattern. so i would defintaely say this works for me. not heat, and an easy hairstyle and i maintained moist ends. moist ends means little to no breakage. no breakage means retaining length.
this weekend i plan to deep condition with the lustra silk shea butter cholesterol plus conditioner. even though this is a moisturizing conditioner, i will be adding evoo to it for added moisture. then ill go under a plastic cap for an hour. no shampoo this time. i will co-wash wtih my tresseme conditioner
my next purchase will be the jamaican black cator oil. until next time..
xoxo lovegirl

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