Tuesday, January 4, 2011


well i received my evco today. i ordered it sunday. delivery was amazingly quick. so tonight i plan to get started back towards a healthy hair regimen. first, i will spray my hair with the motions leave-in. then i will apply the evco to my new growth. then i will add to my ends. this will be my process for moisturizing and sealing for the rest of my stretch. after i moisturize and seal my hair  i will put my hair in three bantu knots to keep then ends tucked away. then ill sleep in my satin bonnet. i havent noticed any breakage, but i want to avoid any. so keeping the ends moist and tucked away is best right now. and definately no more heat for the duration of the stretch. this is so essential is reaching my goal in 2011. have you set any goals for your hair? mynext purchase will be the jamaican black castor oil. i used this product before and t gave mean abundance of thickness.actually more than i needed. but i want to use it just one more time to help with the growing process.ill be sure to post pics of the bantu knots and the finished product tomorrow.
until then....

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