Friday, January 21, 2011

new things

first up, these are a must have and i cant wait to get a pair

Heart love print rainboot heart love print rainboot

Burst dot rainboot burst dot rainboot

zebra print rainboot zebra print rainboot.. all $21.99 @

 next, and i am so in love with these...
 fendi purple havanna sunglasses. i love the large frame. so perfect to pair with a sexy 70's outfit.

next, the limited editin b. scott double kisses lip gloss. they are $15 each. the collection includes four colors. moreno, paw paw, san dune, and rapture. they can currently be pre-ordered through the website. order double kisses lig gloss .

my next love..big brimmed hats..
 i need to get atleast one for the summer time.

next favorite item...clogs..whew.. ive loved them forever...
WomensFioniJacey Clog Sandal omg! yes! jacey clog sandal $24.99 take a look! i used to wear shoes like this all the time, so to see them making a come back warms my soul.
ok this is all for now. just a few things that caught my eye so far for spring 2011..
until next time..
xoxo lovegirl!

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